Embedded Analytics

Sisense's Partner

As a Sisense partner, we deliver cutting-edge analytics solutions to your fingertips. We assist in harnessing powerful data insights, driving informed decisions, and enhancing your business performance. In doing so, we ensure that you remain at the forefront of analytics innovation, unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Sisense's state-of-the-art software into your existing platforms seamlessly, avoiding any adverse impacts. Embed intelligent analytics directly into your products. By providing a shared data set and automated workflows, streamline operations and manage information with ease and efficiency.

Consistent Brand Experience

Tailor analytics effortlessly to maintain a consistent look and feel across your products, regardless of how you embed them. With just a few clicks, adjust icons, images, text, and email templates to match your brand, or integrate your own libraries seamlessly.

Connect Data from Any Source

As your business expands, effortlessly manage increasing data scale and complexity. Sisense software provides native connectors to numerous SQL databases, NoSQL sources, and popular web applications across various categories.

Unlock Insights with AI and ML

Enhance your analysis with built-in statistical libraries—no technical expertise required. Communicate complex analyses using clear, natural language. Analytics powered by AI/ML offer predictive and advisory insights, fostering user engagement and driving actionable decisions.

Secure Analytics with Flexible Configuration

Incorporate analytics directly into your products, regardless of your technical setup. Deploy on any cloud—single-tenant or multi-tenant—with complete control and security. Easily automate governance and security using extensive APIs.


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